Ripley County Fair

Over the weekend I attended the county fair. In Ripley County that means few rides, three car demolition derby, and fights at every corner, but hey, I'm drawn to dysfunction. In a really sad way, this was branching out for me. I've withdrawn myself so much in the past three years that I could hardly imagine being the person I once was. I don't necessarily think there is much wrong with either of us, but the person I am now is so reserved and introverted that I fear of what I have missed out on in the recent years that the old Katie would have jumped at.

I ran into both of my parents at the fair, surprising both that I would take part in a social event. (Yeah, it's gotten that bad.) While talking to my mom, she glanced over at the huge slides and back in my direction. "The same woman is guarding two different rides and said she doesn't have time to watch it." I looked to see if someone was watching and then desperately to someone to go with me. ( Also something I wouldn't have done back in the day.) My mom obliged and we grabbed a couple of the potato sacks and raced to the top. Despite the awful slide that you had to drag yourself down, I felt a nostalgic high between getting back out of that comfort zone, and seeing the woman coming back to investigate.

It's the little things that make you feel young again, like breaking the rules and making a complete fool of yourself.

I would also like to say, my prayers are with those who are affected personally by this day. We will never forget.