Ten Thousand Hours by Macklemore on Grooveshark

The hurt takes many forms.
The rolling eyes that underestimates you.
That charming disposition that takes advantage of you.
Those disguised lures that hook you and hold you there.
That ugly safety net that restrains you and cuts your spirit.

After the hurt leaves, you're left with anger.
It fills the void, very much like a wound.
Bitterness is the aftermath of the impact.
It's not always something bad, and I don't believe it should be restrained.
That anger pushes you.
Allow that bitterness to thicken your skin, but never your head.
Take whats yours and fight. Take control of that anger and use it for growth instead of destruction.

Expose your hurt, don't hide it, it will never heal.

I will take the bad and be thankful for the person it makes me. I'm thankful for my abilities, my strength, the head on my shoulders, my dedication, as well as my vulnerabilities. It means I still have many lessons to learn, more of these amazing epiphanies I've had cutting myself open in these last few years. It means I still have more opportunities to appreciate the beauty in myself and life.