Dying of Thirst

There is something you should know about me. Time is everything to me. If I am not enjoying myself or learning or growing, it just isn't worth it. I am the same way with books. If I don't have interest in one, I may come back to it, I may not, but one thing for sure is that I won't waste any time on it if I don't like it. I like having the freedom to choose what I read, and I won't read something for the satisfaction of saying I have. But, if a book touches my heart, or challenges my being, I'll read it over and over. Just like this book.

I first read Redeeming Love about five years ago, and to be honest I was hesitant. I saw a rave review from a photographer I followed on Flickr, and when I went to check it out at the local library, I almost put it back. It had a mushy looking cover that screamed generic romance in an earlier time. Reluctantly, I decided to give it a chance and took it home. I tore through it, taking in every word, absorbing every detail. My stomach stayed in a knot the entire time, and then a release. I cried while reading it. I hardly cried at sad movies, and I was crying through a book. This book connected with me in a way too personal to share on this blog. I swear, God forced that book into my hands on purpose, or high school may have been an uglier time for me.

Every line and every quote and verse was genius. The line, I am dying of thirst by the side of a fountain, is probably one of the most profound quotes I've ever read. It's so true. In those times I felt worthless, and decided to deal with it on my own, was miserable. I was letting life eat at me, and that fountain was in my reach the entire time. Because I am human, I will still make that mistake over and over, and that fountain will still be there, and when I come back and give the burden to God, I get the same release each time.

I think it's important that we keep the value in human life. Sometimes it seems we are the only important one with problems, starring in this world, and others are supporting characters. Dig deep into the thought of it to remember that every person is a beating heart, a sleepless night, a hopeless cry, and a love for and of someone. Strip away the labels and look at person beneath the shell of their worldly skin. I highly recommend this book to help. If you feel worthless and too far gone, read it. If you are judged, read it. If you judge, read. If you want a new outlook on life and love, please read it.