Changes are happening, some big, some small. As you can see, I decided to try the ole ombre out again. I absolutely love it, and love how it looks straightened. (Thanks, Alexa!) Now, back to deep conditioning to keep it from falling out...

I also got a new job! This year has been a year of job-hopping, trying to find some balance between being able to pay my bills and not completely wreck my opportunity in photography. I'm pretty stoked about this one, though. I'll be working part time in a flower shop with a really flexible schedule. (They're letting me have my Saturdays off!) So, amazing enough, my bills will be paid, and my weekend shoots will still happen. Praying this is the last stop before crossing over to photography alone.

In some smaller, but important changes, I'm being more productive and active. (I've been terrible this  year...and last.) Tobi and I are going on multiple walks a day, and I'm really trying to limit my soda intake. Why? I've gotten so out of shape, and I can feel and see the effects of my negligence. Also, starting another job, I'm going to work on forming a wardrobe. (Also something I've neglected) Hopefully these changes show in a positive way, I may just share my progress, in a not-so-awkward way. (No sports bra, stomach-out pictures.) Hope your Saturday is great! I have a senior session, wish me luck!