On the Other Side.

I have a bad habit of forcing photography onto people.
I convinced a half-hearted Geoffrey to practice some, putting me on the other side of the camera. I know what you're thinking, You have a blog and you always post pictures of yourself. It's different. I use a tripod. I am alone and in full control of what I am capturing. When someone else is taking control, I feel out of my element. It's good to experience though. I want to know how my clients feel so I can put myself in their mindset. The discomfort, and sudden false expectancy to perform or something. Practice helps. I've made huge progress in the fact that I've recently started to feel comfortable posing in front of my boyfriend of three years. But, note to self: I'm not the epitome of a teacher, via my need for control, and not everyone cares as much as I do about photography, and I really need to stop beating this dead horse. Back to the point, Geoffrey wasn't entirely convinced that photography is for him, but I think he did a fine job.