Odds & Ends: Packaging

 New blog segment, yay! Haha. I thought this would be perfect for my love of knick knacks, collectibles, and well, odds and ends. It will vary greatly at times, but this week would be the perfect time to give a look into my packaging. Because I give out disks, I wanted them to have some character, and who doesn't like craft time? I got the majority of my supplies at Hobby Lobby, and it's really simple yet adorable, and never ceases to impress my clients. Putting the extra effort and signature on your product can make it recognizable and let others see you are serious and take pride in your work.

 Here's a cellphone picture of one of my first deliveries with my packaging. I hope one day to open an online shop and my packaging would probably spill over to bigger packages and styles. What makes your products showcase your style and signature? Happy styling! xoKatie.