Adventure of The Week: Bringing Home Tobias

 He's here...

We finally were able to pick up this angel Monday. He is a complete doll.

 "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

A website for housebreaking and raising puppies used that quote to summarize the experience, and to my dismay it rang so true. The first day of transporting him for about four hours in the truck was very stressful to me, wanting him to have the easiest adjustment possible. And after running on little sleep after making the trip to pick him up, I passed out at ten o' clock only to be awoken with his crying at eleven o' clock. An hour later... I immediately jumped to every worst case scenario. He's going to have to get up every hour. I'll never sleep a full night while he's young. What if I can't potty train him soon enough and this goes on for months? It was a rough day and I didn't allow myself to think clearly. He woke up again at two o'clock, and were were up for the day at five o' clock. I was so tired, and scared. As bad as I hate admitting it, I had a bit of regret. I didn't know how I could function for work or take on photography jobs while in this state. After I calmed down a bit, I realized how little these problems were, and ways I could fix them. I knew it would be hard starting out, and time consuming, but I put those thoughts aside to make room for all of the upsides and positive things about having a puppy.

My biggest mistake was not being completely prepared for the downsides, but lucky for me, Tobi is such a sweetheart and a fast learner. It's only Day 5 with him, and things have changed so much already. I'll be making a post soon about some of the things I didn't take into account when I got Tobias. And some products that I didn't know of before, but are extremely helpful with the process of training your puppy.