AOTW: Big Springs

If you saw my recent post about my summer goals, you may have noticed on about an adventure every week. While things have started picking up a bit lately, I really want to do my best on this one. It doesn't have to be a long trip or anything elaborate, but being the first week of Geoffrey's homecoming, we tried to fill a day.
 My guilty pleasure is the local Marble Slab. You'll find that food is a major part of our agenda on a regular basis. We usually start and/or end a trip with a treat.
We ventured to Van Buren, Missouri, home of Jolly Cone, a delicious local food place that is only open during warm seasons. We grabbed it to go so we could picnic at the spring.

 Ha, don't mind my purple hair here! Since this day, I've had it chopped off and done completely different.

 The scenery is gorgeous, and it's neat finding all of the different places the water flows from.

 The recent rainy weather makes the foliage even lusher than usual. You are completely consumed in green.

 We ended the day with our first snow cones of the summer from our favorite place. It was so nice to kick off summer vacation with a bang. Unfortunately (for me!) Geoffrey is out of town on vacation, so this next week will be a lot of buckling down and being as productive as possible without wasting too much time or burning my eyes out from the computer screen. The first week of "summer" has been immensely busy, and my goal is to keep to the grind until I am able to breathe for a bit. Hope you're making the most of every moment! xoKatie